Access 2010 query criteria multiple fields

access 2010 query criteria multiple fields

This example will display all records that contain anything other than UK or USA or France in the Country field.
It doesn't matter how you enter the date, as long as you use a recognised format.
Access will add the" marks at each end.).The asterisk ( * ) represents any string of text from nothing up to an entire paragraph or more.Top Dates behave the same way as numbers, so you can use some of the same techniques when constructing your date magic photo editor trial query or filter.Top Sometimes you want to specifically exclude criteria from your search.Between X And Y To find values in a range of numbers type the expression shown where X and Y represent the numbers at opposite ends of the range."F" And "H" would find all entries beginning with the letters F and.You can use calculations to construct criteria.
Well, not exactly You can make a "zero length entry" (providing this feature has been enabled in the properties of the field - in the table's design view).
You can often get the same results by using mathematical operators such as greater than ( ) and less than ( ).F*d would find Fred and Ferdinand but not Frederick.This example will display all the records with entries for the current year in the Invoice Date field.You can manually insert the" marks at each end of the phrase to make sure the criterion means what you intend.Here are some examples of the more common types of criteria.