Action and adventure pc games

action and adventure pc games

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Asterix: Operation Getafix 1989, action and adventure game in which you control Asterix the hero of the Gauls and star of the Asterix Obelix comics.
Games in the action/adventure sub-genre may not have the non-stop shoot 'em up action of a first person shooter, but they make up for it with in-depth storylines and game play that includes a mix of combat, adventure, and problem solving.But unlike the other lego video games lego Batman allows you to play the game as villains from the Batman universe.Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.Action adventure Games: San Pedro winx dvd copy pro gotd Software Inc.Alone in the Dark 2 1993, alone in the Dark was an instant classic for the PC, and one of the first games that really tried to blend horror movie elements with fluid polygonal gameplay, preset camera angles, hand-drawn backgrounds, and brain-teasing puzzles.01 of 10, batman: Arkham Asylum, release Date: Sep 15, 2009, theme: Superhero.
Finn has to journey through the jungle to escape from an alien lord who is hunting him, and.
In it players take on the role of Nikolai "Niko" Bellic who has come to Liberty City to start a new life.Lovecraft, I-Motion's Alone in the Dark stands as a classic horror title that is certain to please PC fans.The only chance of survival is to reach the airdrop platform XV-238, located in the control base of the schizophrenic assassin professor McJerin, and.Grand Theft Auto IV is actually the sixth title in the.BioForge 1995 Originally conceived as an interactive movie by the developers, Origin Systems, Inc., BioForge became much less an interactive movie than a fully realized and interactive action/adventure game, senha para universal keygen generator but the result is favorable.