Ancient secrets quest for the golden key

ancient secrets quest for the golden key

Clock Once all the items are back in place a small piece of paper will fall on the lower right side of the ground, pick.
Once you;re done searching for items, click inside naruto shippuden ultimate ninja heroes 3 ps2 iso the arch and you xperia arc s manual will be at the front door.You have to remove those spikes by correctly placing the poles that are on the ground.Click at the bottom of the scene to exit the shop.You will see a space for the crescent moon.When youre done with the flowers he will give you a hat.Click in the back of the scene to access the fountain.Click on the pieces to rotate them, you will not have to connect all the pipes that are given to you, just some of them.However, she will trade you for the "Maku Ohana" which is an item that is highly praised but some collectors.List OF items BY THE gate Before you can get back to the dive shop you will have to look for items on the list.
The keys need tell me more italian version 10 review to be on the right and the locks need to be on the left.The compartment on the side will open up, you will see some wires that need to be connected.Please look at the videos provided if you need to see a solution.To light the platform, simply click on the squares and they will light.Once you get there you will see a puzzle sign appear over the fountain that is in the far right side.Your goal is to position the buoys in the right position so you can get to the finish line.Please look at the screenshot for the right path through the maze.If you match 4 in a row.Please look at the screenshots below for the solutions.