Audio technica at2020 review

audio technica at2020 review

You can pick up a mic stand on the cheap, but there's the problem of finding a place to set it up, room to store it, and other logistical issues that might pop.
Audio-Technica's new AT2020 is unashamedly web content mining tools a 'no frills' mic, with basic standmount and a soft zip-up vinyl case.There aren't any cables, a stand, or anything extra aside from the bare essentials.From Vocals to Nylon and steel string gtrs to percussion I am thoroughly satisfied.Audio Technica AT2020 has an msrp.Fixing bad sound quality, like the kind you'd get with an onboard mic or built-in, makes more of an impact than improving already acceptable sound quality.The open-circuit sensitivity of the mic.1mV/Pa, which is comparable with other studio vocal mics, though the"d noise figure is just slightly on the high side of average at 20dB.Music Background: Artiste, Producer, Recording/Mix Engineer.
But there are diminishing returns.
The AT2020 microphone by Audio Technica is an excellent, professional quality condenser microphone with a single cardioid pattern and a great price (See it on Amazon) / (See it on Amazon UK).The price and quality are great, but casual hobbyists should be aware that there are more steps required to getting audio into your computer than a simple plug-and-play mic.It usually holds that price, but is occasionally discounted to as low as 60: See the Audio Technica AT2020 on Amazon.See the Audio Technica AT2020 on Amazon (UK).I saw the AT2020 in the showcase and given the price I decided to pick it up for the hell.Although the noise figure isn't brilliant by today's standards, driver netbook philco 10d-p123lm noise isn't an issue when close-miking voices or instruments.Luckz (Producer for :6 POiNTS, Danillee Mc Intosh, Jah Lightning, Blow, Keisha Charles, Cushan, 6:45,Vanessa., Kulaz, Trigger).