Ayyappan story in tamil pdf

ayyappan story in tamil pdf

Eventually, Ayyappans guru concluded that the boy was no ordinary mortal but a divine being.
King Rajasekara, in due course of time completed the construction of the shrine and the sacred eighteen stairs leading to win xp sp2 deutsch the temple complex.
Manikandan, however advised restraint; he held that all had unfolded in accordance with the divine order, through the will of God.This wily minister, who secretly nursed kingly ambitions, hated Manikandan and devised manifold plots, including poisoning of food to exterminate the divine avatar.King Rajasekara decided to punish his Diwan as the latter was responsible for his sons exile into the forest.Nithya Pooja Priyane Saranam Ayyappa!, a comprehensive booklet* in Tamil language with slokas, archana and bhajan songs on Lord Ganapathy, Lord Murugan, Goddess Sakthi and Lord Ayyappa is available for download in Portable Document Format viewable in Adobe Acrobat Reader downloadable from.The King grew alarmed and summoned his physicians who were unable to revive the seemingly ailing Queen.A just and precocious sovereign King Rajashekara was held by his subjects in high esteem.Even the Devas were frightened.They both felt that they had been blessed by LordShiva himself.A Garuda, the Brahaman kite, follows this ornaments-carrying procession, hovering about in the sky, After these ornaments are worn on the Lord the bird circles the temple in the sky three times and disappears.Rajasekara, ever the indulgent parent relented immediately; the boy seizing the opportunity pressed him to let him collect the nikandan stalled Rajasekaras efforts to organize a band of brave men to accompany him into the forest; he argued that the tigress would leave silently upon.The people of Pandalam panicked upon seeing the boy and the tigers and hurriedly sought shelter.
This dance was witnessed by Lord Shiva and Mahavishnu from a place called Kalakatti (It is said that Leela, daughter of Kavalan, a Karamban, with a face of Mahishi and freed herself from the curse and obtained Moksha by the grace of Shri Dharma Sastha.
As the King mulled over the seemingly perplexing task of placing Dharmasastha's idol in the temple for darshan, he was reminded of the words of the Lord himself - the River Pampa is a holy river as River Ganga, Sabarimala is as holy as Kasi.
Finally, Lord Shiva himself in the garb of a healer cured the young boy.But the king had one sorrow he was childless and thus had no heir to inherit his throne.Emboldened by Brahmas boon, Mahishasura commenced systematic destruction of people and pulverized tribes and communities.Also the mendicant assured him that the child would mitigate his dynastys sufferings and that when the boy turned twelve, Rajashekhara would be aware of his divinity.Ecstatic, Rajashekhara took Manikandan home and narrated the happenings to his queen.A bloody battle soon ensued and at the end, Manikandan mounted Mahishis chest and commenced a violent dance that reverberated within the earth and the Devaloka.As he approached his spiritual master for ashirwaadams, the guru explained to Manikandan what he had already surmised about him, that he was a divine power destined for superhuman glory.