Battlefield 3 latest patch ps3

battlefield 3 latest patch ps3

The A91s high rate of fire and bullpup from the hip accuracy is offset by a poor controllability on full auto.
cram and Pantsir stationary AA weapons now have Air Radar equipped by default.
The AN94s 2 round burst mode magi episode 14 subtitle indonesia is incredibly accurate, but mario tennis gamecube rom it suffers from a low rate of fire on fully automatic.Increased the damage the MBTs primary weapon does to the front and side armor of other main battle tanks.Below Radar will now also prevent the lock on of Stinger and igla missiles.The QBB-95 should now kick harder but settle into full auto fire better, combined with the bullpup hip fire bonus this makes the QBB-95 a highly mobile LMG.The bipod should now be more reliable when deploying on top of sloped objects like cars and rocks.QBB-95: Reduced the total recoil but increased muzzle drift and initial recoil.When you start the game, you will be notified of the update, and we strongly ebook for jsp projects advise you to download it, since it contains a number of fixes, updates, and some new features.The MAV now properly shows up in the Kill Feed.Tweaked the controls and physics for the EOD bot to improve its handling and aiming capabilities.M27 IAR: No change.M240B: Added an initial recoil, increased damage at all ranges.
Improved the accuracy of the Mi28 gun to match the AH1 gun.The famas is now uniform on all platforms and now has the correct 25 round magazine.Maplist can contain up to 1000 entries now st will return at most 100 entries.There was earlier a 1010 meter patch on the mountain that became out of combat for.There is a new spawn zone by the alleyway to the northwest with additional spawn points.The Bipod now provides similar Accuracy and Recoil benefits no matter if the weapon is fired while aiming or without aiming for all weapons.The MP7 has a very low recoil and a high muzzle drift that favors longer bursts than the P90.The HK53 is a short carbine with a lot of initial kick but a stable recoil pattern and a medium rate of fire.Firing before fully zoomed will still result inaccurate fire.