Businessobjects web intelligence rich client

businessobjects web intelligence rich client

BI launch pad.
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Create new report select Web Intelligence Application.Interactive Reporting Data Research How can I get immediately answer on guerra dos tronos epub gratis Business question?What is data synchronization?MS Office Applications Data Discovery Mobile BI How can I get access from my mobile device?SAP BusinessObjects.1 Web Intelligence Report Development.Report Design I - Fundamentals of Report Design BOC320 Crystal Reports 2008.How can I use office applications in effective way?Advanced Report Design BOC310 Crystal Reports 2008.Administering Servers Windows BOE330 SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise.0-3.1.
Report Design II - Fundamentals of Report Design BOC330 Crystal Reports 2008.Report Design III - Fundamentals of Report Design BOE310 BusinessObjects Enterprise.0-3.1.What is Scope of analysis?Report Design BOW320 BusinessObjects Web Intelligence.0-3.1.Drilling in Web Intelligence.Name* Description Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.