Camra beer festival calendar 2014

camra beer festival calendar 2014

I'd like to do one called 'The night of the Great Thirst' which is a celebration of lambic beers.
My favorites were a medium sweet cider called Skylark and a perry called Blaenegawney.
Food of the gods.
Some of the foreign beers were bottled.I caught the tube to Olympia and walked in at 1 pm without queuing.For some unacountable drukowanie do pdf program reason I found myself suffering from a strange bout of flatulence during the night so I'm glad I didn't take the girlfriend along.Big Hand First Hand.2, big Hand Havok 5 Strong Bitter.I've returned home from the festival after spending two days there and here is some feedback in case anybody is thinking of going one year.So, if you live in Northern Ireland and are interested in real ale or real cider then why not join camra today?
They were marked by abv and sweetness.
On Friday I arrived at about 2pm and decided to try some of the 100 or so cask ciders and perrys without getting too drunk.
I'm very partial to a good perry and sampled quite a few before turning to the ciders.All Saints St Abdon.3 Bitter.You can choose an imperial pint, half pint or 1/3 pint glass.The beer costs quite a lot more than you'd pay in a pub and you have kindle fire hd manual to pay an entrance fee on top.Welcome to the Northern Ireland branch of camra (the Campaign for Real Ale).They play classic punk on folk instruments which sounds great.I've been wanting to see them for some time and I wasn't disapointed.