Cisco ipsec vpn client 64 bit

cisco ipsec vpn client 64 bit

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IMO it's not very hard to implement that feature.
I like Windows 7 x64, but I hate Ciscos lack of support for the IPSec protocol on 64-bit platforms.
Christopher Edwards, i just tried this free IPsec VPN client, it works well in vista x64 and win 7 RC x64.Just select the pcf file and import.Key Capabilities available for Beta Testing: New Platform support Windows 7 Windows Vista 64-bit platform compatibility Software Access: (under TA) Software is available for download focus t25 workout schedule excel by any customer with a m smartnet enabled login.Its a lot faster connecting and negotiating to the remote network than Cisco VPN Client, so fast in fact, that I initially thought that the connection failed.Having multiple vpn solutions to manage does not add any value.(1) I would prefer to use the VPN solution that ALL our clients use, namely Cisco IPsec VPN.Lamnk (11) PCF import was added in version.1.5 - mika (7) Just downloaded and tried the latest RC, and gotta say.There are currently no plans to support Windows XP 64 bit in the VPN client.I guess it is a money making scheme.
NCP that works fine with Cisco IPSec VPN tunnels, but the steep price tag of 144 USD taxes is too much.Until today, a colleague of mine recommended, shrew Soft VPN Client.Had to repair Windows before I could boot again.Install this tool as admin and Run it as admin, on both Vista/Win7.You cannot import Cisco VPN client profiles (.pcf files).Christopher Edwards @Christopher: I suggest you contact the author, he does listen to feature requests (unlike Cisco).MattC, it's a real shame it doesn't support pre-login connections for AD/Domain Logins.You can also try, theGreenBow VPN Client 2, which is a bit cheaper (56 EUR) than NCP/Lancom's client.GregD (1) Note that Windows 7 is now supported as of 12/15/2009.I fixed the bluescreen by running the uninstaller in the program files directory and deleting the registry entries associated with shrewsoft.