Clear cookies and cache firefox in windows 7

clear cookies and cache firefox in windows 7

2 Open the cara game house offline settings menu.
This menu allows you to specify which data to remove from your phone.
Once youve chosen the content to remove, click on Clear Now to remove the content from your web browser.
Method 2 Firefox for iPhone and d3drm dll windows 7 64 bit iPad 1, open your Firefox browser.4 Otherwise tap and hold on any of the hardware buttons to bring up the Firefox menu.2 3, specify the history to clear out.You may need to tap on More first before the Settings option appears.Firefox similar to other browsers caches image and web files, and saves cookies (small text file stored on your device with preferences and other data for a specific site) from every website you visit, which helps to improve pages loading speeds when you return.Websites cannot share cookie information.This action will close any active tabs on your web browser.
In the pop-up dialog, place check marks next to the types of data you would like to clear then tap Set.
They also track your activity for security reasons.
Any changes you've made will automatically be saved.The Android version of Firefox allows you to clear out your cache and cookies individually.Keep in mind that stored form information can contain your personal information and may be visible to people that use the same computer or device.Avoid websites that may be suspicious of causing harm to your device.Click the setting button on top-right the corner.You can also delete all stored cookies by clicking on Remove All.In other web browsers, difficulty poison berry in my brain english sub level: Beginner, firefox.However, cache data and cookies not always work perfectly, and sometimes this data may prevent websites from loading correctly on Firefox, in which case, clearing the cache and cookies may fix the problem.