Company of heroes 2 custom map pack

company of heroes 2 custom map pack

Released: - 02:26PM, updated: - 11:40AM.
All of the maps are small, with small playing areas.Battle of the Rhine (v1.1 battle of the Rhine is a great choice whether you like to lock folder xp 3.9.2 crack fight it out with five other people (6 in total or if you're into the 8 player th are available in this single download.TacticsII (v1 this map was inspired by the classic board game Tactics.There are 2 versions of the map included, a 3vs3 and a 4vs4 map.EC Company Community Map Pack (1.0).Refer to the readme for more information.Fun KI War Maps (1.0).Whether you're looking for news, reviews, walkthroughs, or the biggest collection of PC gaming files on the planet, Game Front has you covered.The Axis have control of the middle of the main island and the Allies are positioned around the borders ready to assault.For those of you that are staving for some Company of Heroes action, then get ready, as Eagle69NoFace is here to supply two maps which are sure to quench your thirst with his Eagles69 Map Pack!This developer has given you the option to download urlm/file 92651Battle of the Rhine/url, and now he has released this mappack, which contains this map, along with a couple sure to have some clean underwear on, as bodily functions will take a backseat to the.
Easy Company Clan proudly brings you, the Company of Heroes gamer, their top map picks for online play and bundled it up in a map pack for you.
The name says it all.Enemy at the Gates, two maps are included with this file.One map features a river and the other does not.They are also all two player maps and generally used for infantry battle.This mappack, as with earlier versions, comes with two maps, the first being 3v3 and the second is a 4v4.ulFortress Pain ulThere is a very large fortress in the middle of this map.The Germans have entrenched themselves and removing them will be difficult.Sniperhanzs' Mappack, this is a map pack for Company Of Heroes.Infantry Under Attack, there are two map versions included in this file, a 2 player and a 4 player map.Each map in this pack players will face computer opponents loaded with defenses, which the players are tasked with annihilating/.