Copy user logins sql server

copy user logins sql server

As always, run at your own risk, and remember to test.
If you try to set the default database to a database that doesnt exist, youll get the error: Msg 15010, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 The database XXX does not exist.
Second, note that I'm intentionally not pulling back the case where type is equal to 'cosq' because this is connect SQL.
Server Permissions Now we need to deal with server permissions.If we knew the password for ebooksen op de ipad each login we could have just pasted this into the script, but unfortunately for us for many of the logins the password was not going to be easy to obtain (OK, we should have kept a record of all.Query to handle server permissions - We need to consider server, server_principal (login and endpoint select case ate when 'W' then 'grant ' rmission_name ' TO ' @NewLogin ' with grant option else ate_desc ' ' rmission_name ' TO ' @NewLogin END AS 'SQL'.The only options you have are those shown in the picure above.Endpoints AN jor_id.endpoint_id where me @LoginToClone AND ass 105; There are some things to note with each of these queries.Solution, microsoft SQL Server does not provide a built-in way to clone a login.And finally, a warning.
Is there a simple way to script these logins with passwords or another way to transfer logins from a 2008R2 instance to a 2014 instance?We recently went through an exercise to move most of our SQL Server databases onto another server.With respect to server role memberships, there are two catalog views which we are interested.Including the USE statement forces the database context to change accordingly.The procedure is not included in SQL Server, so you need to create it yourself.But if you have different requirements than what can be accomplished with the task in ssis, you are out of luck.Both are lengthy to describe what to do, so we'll tackle the server role memberships and permissions in this tip and cover the database role memberships and permissions in a second tip.Note the use of "Use master as part of the batch query.