Cubase 5.1 manual pdf

cubase 5.1 manual pdf

On startup, Cubase analyzes the physical inputs and outputs provided by your audio hardware and creates a number of hardware-dependent presets with the following possible configurations: - One stereo bus.
That way you rock band game pc get your standard bus configuration without having to make new bus settings for each new project.For further information, see Using the SurroundPanner V5 on page 269.The Bass Management function can be found on the Surround Monitor Setup page, which can be located by using the monitor display button when either the 3-1.1 Surround mode is selected.Which sections are assassin's creed 4 crack file available in the Inspector depends on the selected track.In addition, the Monitor Matrix congurations have changed as follows.If nothing else is said, all descriptions and procedures in the documentation are valid for both Windows and Mac.In this scenario, you may want to add the following busses: Input busses - Most likely you need at least one stereo input bus assigned to an analog input pair.The Performance Options dialog opens.Inspector sections The Inspector contains the controls that can be found on the track list, plus some additional buttons and parameters.
36 VST Connections External instruments/effects (Cubase only) When you select the external instrument in the VST Instruments window, the following happens: - A parameter window for the external device opens automatically.27 VST Connections Setting up busses Setting up busses Cubase uses a system of input and output busses to transfer audio between the program and the audio hardware.Channel Fader section Shows a duplicate of the corresponding MixConsole channel.On the toolbar, click the Set up Window Layout button.Enter a name for the external instrument and specify the number of required mono and/or stereo returns.Select the Advanced tab and click the Settings button in the Performance section.