Disney's dinosaur pc game

disney's dinosaur pc game

Flia can dive-bomb at enemies, doing a barrel roll of sorts to hit them with her spyware terminator 2015 serial key wings, her special attack is a sonic blast.
Zini is very fast and agile, and is capable of jumping over ledges too wide for Aladar.
She is useful for scouting as well as reaching places that Aladar and Zini can't get.Non-playable characters Kron, a ruthless Iguanodon who leads the herd that Aladar, Zini and Flia encounter.Released, game Boy Color, nA, may 19, 2000,.The article or pieces of the original article was at Disney's Dinosaur (video game).It is also windows 7 all in 1.iso possible to control both Aladar and Flia simultaneously (the player controls Aladar and Flia follows him or Aladar and Zini (the player controls Aladar and Zini jumps on his back).Oviraptor, another small dinosaur.Dryptosaurus, a big carnivore, depicted with spines on its back.Dreamcast, nA, november 24, 2000, eU November 24, 2000, playStation.
Champsosaurus, essentially a faster version of the lizard.
October 6, 2000, playStation, nA August 29, 2000, eU October 6, 2000.
Creatures and objects featured Enemies Giant lizards, the first enemy encountered by the player.Contents show, story, the game loosely follows the story of the movie, starting with.It is also possible to control all three characters - the player controls Aladar, with Zini riding on his back and Flia following.Other dangers include tornados, meteors, sandstorms, quicksand and lava streams.EU December 8, 2000, jP, february 15, 2001, microsoft Windows.Url, a doglike Ankylosaurus.Flia is the flyer of the group, and can therefore avoid most predators (except flying ones, defence-based Albertosaurs, which can jump and bite at her, and the Carnotaurs, which big enough to can bite her easy).He can also climb up vine-covered walls, but has no special attack.