Enable quota management server 2003

enable quota management server 2003

Archive sites before they are deleted automatically.
SharePoint Server 2010 does not apply the changed" values to existing sites collections unless you use the object model to update the" values in the database.Consider allocating at least a small amount of space, for example, 10 percent, to the second-stage recycle bin to accommodate cases in which a user mistakenly deletes an important document, a folder in a document library, or a column in a list.You will be able to restore the sites that contain business-critical information or plan to store the content databases for a longer duration, so that a deleted site can be restored.Plan to share terminology and content types (SharePoint Server 2010).My experience has been that this is, by far, the best way to set up"s.The recycle bin enables site owners to retrieve items that users dvd cloner for mac v3 review have deleted, without requiring administrator intervention such as restoring files from backup tapes.They use the administrator email address we configured earlier.
You can also reverse a decision to use"s at any place in the site collection hierarchy.
By default, the recycle bin is turned on in all the site collections in a Web application.You can also make changes to the notifications that end users receive when the" starts reaching your pre-determined thresholds.Apply auto apply" to all derived"s.Files by specified file type.The recycle bin has two stages.Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010, topic Last Modified:, a" specifies storage limit values for the maximum amount of data that can be stored in a site collection.