Extend start bar across two monitors xp

extend start bar across two monitors xp

Gui, Show, "X0 Y0 W".
I will even just copy it if I can so its the same task bar on both sides.I just want more space.This works fine, but I'm used to nvidia multi-desktop that let me control the "Start bar" to either exist on only 1 screen.Be duplicated on both, or (what I want stretched across both.Best Answer, change this line.If not, are there any utilities out there that will handle this for me?That is, what I have:, lenovo Dell (primary), start Tray, and this is what I want:, lenovo Dell (primary), start Tray.Is this possible with the ATI card/Catalyst Software?Or whatever values you may need.
I have a smscaster e-marketer cdma 2.8 Lenovo T400 laptop with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series video card, using the ATI Catalyst new insight into ielts book Control Center to span my Windows XP display over the laptop display and a Dell flatpanel LCD.
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A_ScreenHeight, applicationname Screen.to something like.I just recently hooked up a second monitor to my system and am wondering if I am able to some how make the task bar longer so it goes across both screens.Discuss the Microsoft Community Site.I have multiple monitors setup for my PC and i want to extend the.A: Hi, UltraMon will extend the taskbar stay alive full game across multiple.Home Newsgroups Windows, xP Windows.Extending the length of the QuickLaunch bar.By default, windows only puts the start bar on your.The two screens would have to act as one screen within windows to get it to.