Game assassin's creed 2 jar

game assassin's creed 2 jar

After a long fight, Ezio finally overcomes him and takes the mysterious artifact he had held, the elusive Piece of Eden.
The confrontations and deaths of all targets are different: Rather than being assassinated by a wrathful, inexperienced Ezio Auditore in the days following the execution of the Auditore family, Uberto Alberti is instead only hunted down in 1486, years after the execution.
Rodrigo Borgia engages in a fierce battle against Ezio using his Staff of Eden as in the main game, but the powers of the Staff are markedly different.
In the ending of the mobile version, upon killing Rodrigo, the narration in the epilogue describes a similar, though slightly different, ending to the main game.While Ezio ultimately spares him in the canonical version, in this mobile adaptation, he kills him in the battle, interrupting a last resort, ultimate technique by Rodrigo by activating a mechanism that collapses two spiked columns on top of him.Sponsored Links: Page Information: Download Assasin Creed 2 for java mobile - one of the best java Games.Upon dying, Rodrigo's body dissolves, with wailing dark spirits fleeing from his corpse.Sylvio Barbarigo is assassinated by Ezio in Forlì in the midst of trying to enter a secret tombpresumably containing the Apple of Eden.M (Mature platform(s mobile phone, website, assassin's Creed II is a game for the mobile platform developed.Several characters' names differ: Lorenzo de' Medici nero vision express 4 full version is called "Lorenzo Medici omitting the possessive.Uberto Alberti, the judge who sentenced his family to death.Info, info, ratings Reviews (41).6, review Summary 93 of 41 reviewers would recommend this game.
Although wearing similar clothes, Rodrigo Borgia has a notably different face in the mobile game and is hunchbacked, a defect that his character does not have in the canonical game.
Throughout the game, Ezio can use various abilities and items, ranging from running, jumping, crawling, and hanging onto ledges, to attacking with his Hidden Blade, sword, arquebus, grappling hook, boomerang, or spears (which he can salvage from defeated guards ).
Download it right now!The pole-arm is called a spear in the game but resembles a glaive.Francesco de' Pazzi's name is spelled "Francesco de Pazzi".Submit Your Review visitor, assasins creed.10.15, download your favorite java Games for free from phoneky!Beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay will keep you captivated for a very long time.