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Love is piracy that waits to plunder, Got to have you if it takes all night.
To notice, i'm not there.It's as if, I could taste your scent.Innhold, «when You're In Love» terry Skinner /.Paul Overstreet «i'm Still Your Fool» byron Hill /.Don't you remember Logan?Win the battle but the war's not over, For we know this is an the royals season 1 episode 10 endless fight, It's a mystery, it's the poker game of life.Barnes ) Musikere rediger rediger kilde Ottar «Big Hand» Johansen - sang, gitar, kor, produsent Steve Gibson - gitarer, mandolin, produsent Mark Casstevens - akustisk gitar Tom Robb - bass Roy Huskey.Will you question, the disappearance, of my once intimidiating form, from the hallways of hell?Step out of your corrupt world of shadows, a farce of sun and sweetness, and tell me what you would think, when I am long gone.