Game red bottom boss

game red bottom boss

Fuck them Air 1's, I'm too attached to these spikes now.
And plus I'm too attached to my lifestyle.Louis Vuitton billboard, the niggas that's just trying to hustle.That V12 start up like Ross nigga.And sometimes I gotta remind y'all.I only win like Baylor, I run the city like mayors.But every now and then, I gotta remind yall.Headlights flicking, looking like a falling star.
He ananda vikatan this week pdf was winning, I was losing, he threw a jab, I start bruising.
Ya niggas wasnt bloods until I cosigned yall.
So I threw in the towel just to separate all confusion.Ace of Spades by the crates, biatch.Rick Ross Red bottom boss 03:26, the Game Red Bottom Boss (Feat.But every now and then, I gotta remind y'all.He was winnin, I was losin.Hook: Rick Ross, it's the red bottom boss, came to buy the bar.