Hiren's boot cd iso 11.0

hiren's boot cd iso 11.0

Restoration.2.13 A tool to recover deleted files.
Dariks Boot and Nuke is a powerful tool for irrecoverably obliterating everything on a hard drive 4 Ways to Completely Delete Your HDD 4 Ways to Completely Delete Your HDD When selling an old computer, or HDD, or even if you're just looking to dispose.Kon-Boot.1: To bypass Login Password of Windows (32bit, any password) and Linux login as kon-usr (Linux Freeware).Everything.21 Ultra fast file/folder search tool with ftp/http server.First, download a copy of Rufus, a simple and free tool for creating bootable USB drives 10 Tools to Make a Bootable USB from an ISO File 10 Tools to Make a Bootable USB from an ISO File A bootable USB is the best way.To use the included tool, open the.Bios Master Password Generator Collection of password generator tools to reset bios Power on Password / Administrator password on Acer, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Phoenix, Samsung and other generic brand Laptops.Dariks Boot and Nuke (dban).0.7: Completely deletes the contents of any hard disk it can detect (Linux Freeware).MemTest.0 A Memory Testing Tool.Recovery Utilities If you cant find the tool you need inside one of the above buckets, hbcd includes tons of additional tools on its main menu.QuickView Pro.58: Movie viewer for dos, supports many format including divx (Dos Freeware).Tcpview.02: Lists TCP and UDP endpoints, including the Local/Remote addresses of TCP connections (Windows Freeware).
Write Protect nero startsmart essentials crack USB Devices Tweak your PC to make USB Pen Drive, Memory Card or Thumb Drive as Read Only.
Try the Windows Memory Diagnostic and/or MemTest86 to check for problems with your RAM.HDD Capacity Restore.2 This tool allows you to restore factory capacity of any hard drive.Hbcd Program Launcher.8: Hirens BootCD.1ram launcher (Autorun.MyUninstaller.66: Alternative to the standard add / remove control panel module (Windows Freeware).Mini Windows 98: Can run from Ram Drive, with ntfs support, 7-Zip, Disk Defragmenter, Notepad / RichText Editor, Image Viewer,.avi.mpg.divx.xvid Movie Player, etc (Windows Commercial) Mini Windows Xp: Portable Windows Xp that runs from CD/USB/Ram Drive, with Network and sata support.However, while using this recovery disc isnt an aesthetically pleasing experience and not every tool will work for sure, it still packs lots of useful tools into one package.Supported keyboard layouts are: United States, United Kingdom, US Dvorak, Arabic, Turkish Q, Turkish F, Swiss German, Swiss French, Swedish, Suomi Finnish, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovak, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Norvegian Norske, Netherlands Dutch, Latin American, Italy, Icelandic, Hungarian, Hebrew, Germany, German Switzerland Luxembourg, Francais Cavier azerty.