Hp 3par vcenter plugin

hp 3par vcenter plugin

First, create a new Virtual Volume set with the following command createvvset myvvolsetname, then, lets create our storage container and assign our newly created set to it setvvolsc -create set:myvvolsetname, again, these commands wouldnt be required.2.1 as far as I know, but are.
HPE vvol integration guide you wont see this step, mainly because it was created around the.2.1 firmware, which would have already had a default, and only one storage container created for you.Showvvolvm -sc, as you can see by the Num_vv column we have 3 vvols associated with our VM (MyNewVM).Enter the details as shown in the screenshot below (your vasa Provider URL will be different).Quality of service (QoS) characteristics for individual storage volumessuch as raid level, subsystem failure protection level, drive type, and volume typeare displayed right inside the VMware vCenter Server console for improved clarity across application-to-VM-to-storage abstraction layers. Instead of selecting vmfs or NFS as we normally would, select vvol as the type as shown below. The first being simply listing out all of our VMs that reside on vvols within the 3PAR.Enter your vasa URL from step 3, along with a name, username, and password and click.As you can see, we have a match so at least we have some visibility from our hosts!The second screenshot is information about the paths to the luns.Any Path issues, heading back to, home Inventory - Datastores, if I select my Datacentre I am presented with all of the Virtual Volumes presented to every Host in that Datacentre.Here is the official overview of what the plugin does; 3PAR Plug-In for VMware vCenter, the 3PAR Plug-In for VMware vCenter gives you access to powerful management and administration capabilities from within the vCenter Server console.
You should also see the storage provider integration information shown as per the below screenshot.
If all goes well we should see the same WWN that we did with showport, and the Is vvol PE flag set to true as shown below.
If you see some datastores do then you have successfully installed vasa for HP 3PAR StoreServ on vSphere.5.Browse to your vasa Provider URL and add config/register to the end of the link.Pre-reqs, as far as prerequisites go there really serial number pdf to word converter 3.0 isnt that many other than ensuring you are up to date on both your 3PAR firmware and ESXi versions.Finally, restart the HP 3PAR vasa Provider for VMware vSphere Web Service vSphere Web Client vasa, last of all we need to add our Storage Provider vasa URL to vCenter. If you have NTP setup and running then you are laughing here, but if you dont, stop looking at vvols and set it up now!HP OneView for VMware vCenter Storage Administrator and that credentials have been configured to access your HP 3PAR StoreServ Array. Before proceeding any further you need to ensure that all of your hosts, vCenter Server and 3PAR are all synced in terms of time. So before we go and register our vCenter with the vasa provider we first need to create a storage container to host our vvol datastore.For support, please follow the standard support processes for your HPE storage arrays or visit ml, additional product information, product HP3parrmvsuite, version:.6.1, software specification: Recovery Manager for VMware Software Suite.6.1 (Z.exe). If you are running.2.2 though you have the option to create more than one storage container, and by default comes with, well, no storage containers.