Improvised munitions black book

improvised munitions black book

Most mixed numbers (i.e., consisting of a whole number and a fraction) have a hyphen.0 (e.g., 1-1/4 inch).
The RGD-5 hand grenade is a post World War II Russian anti-personnel fragmentation grenade.
Words that were both ALL capitals AND underlined were changed to boldface.
Weingart - Pyrotechny - A practical manual for the manufacturers of fireworks, signal flares and pyrotechnic displays.Words in ALL capitals were changed to boldface.Concentration fps feet per second.The Complete Book of Flash Powder.Abbreviations expanded.0 Original abbreviation in IMH.0 Expanded abbreviation in IMH.0 " (double") inch or inches Cal.Click Paypal or mail check/MO made out to John Young, 251 West 89th Street, New York, NY 10024.Section 0 Introduction.1 Purpose and Scope.2 Safety and Reliability.3 User Comments Section 1 Explosives and Propellants (including igniters).1 Plastic Explosive Filler.2 Potassium Nitrate.3 Improvised Black Powder.4 Nitric Acid.5 Initiator for Dust Explosions.6 Fertilizer leanware backer 6.8 crack Explosive.7 Carbon.Electronic stethoscope for the detection of mechanical run back timers and electronic timing systems in improvised explosive devices.
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Cover and Table of Contents, tM 31-210, department of the Army Technical Manual.Military Explosive Detonator, inert Products, LLC acura tl repair manual manufactures and distributes a variety of Inert Blasting Caps that are available in electric and non-electric types.Ragnar Benson - Home and recreational use of high explosives and homemade C-.Federal Government employees in their official capacity.Terrorist Explosives - IRA Explosives.