Inspector calls essay on responsibility

inspector calls essay on responsibility

What is Priestley's main aim in An inspector calls?
Priestly believed that even in 1945 they were still the same as they were in 1912, which is why Priestly choose to set the play in 1912, along with various other reasons, such as he wanted the audience to have the benefit of winrar 5.01 x64 keygen dramatic irony.He demonstrates the difference with the older generation representing the society where you care for yourself, and some of the younger generation that represents a new society where you care for one another.In An inspector calls.B Priestley, the writers aim is reflected into this", "We don't live alone.At the time of which the play was set in, there were bitter divisions between the rich and the poor, industrial towns such as Brumley were.It may be a good idea to learn a structure for your essays, as I find this helps!The Inspector is talking about a collective responsibility, everyone is society is linked, in the same way that the characters are linked to Eva Smith.
For these reason I dislike him.An Inspector Calls "We don't live alone.So, how does Priestley weave the themes through the play?Should we go back to the way it was before the First World War, when everything was based on class, where an individual had to look solely after themselves, and no one else, or should we move forward, walk into the society where everyone looks.Attitudes of the characters in the book, reflect life in the Edwardian times.