Internet explorer 10 font size too small

internet explorer 10 font size too small

136 goodbye wikipedia 137 Font bigger on Firefox.0, Linux Mint 14, 1280x800 138 Poor font across operating systems 139 Change back to old font please 140 I dig.
( talk ) 16:54, (UTC) The font is too big and rendered differently on some machines edit My environment:.WP is broken and Google (and every other page I view in a quick check) looks like it used.Add the ikariam hack resource hack User Agent to the html element with a tiny bit of JavaScript: var doc cumentElement; tAttribute data-useragent erAgent IE 10's User Agent string is: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; msie.0; Windows.2; motion perfect 4.3 keygen Trident/6.0).Tim Carmell ( talk ) 02:51, (UTC) The font size of wikipedia is very small.Edit Browser ver: Mozilla Firefox,.You can test the fix by logging in and creating Special:MyPage/s with body font-size : 100.01; as content.Additionally, leftside menu text is truncated because its overfit allowed frame width seo powersuite enterprise review About Wikipedia" I see as "About Wikipe" - each word is at new string).Edit What have you done?!?!Seeing the same thing here - Firefox 28 on Windows 7, 2560x1440.The Vector theme, unusually (though perhaps correctly seems to base its font size calculations on this value.
Stifle ( talk ) 08:58, (UTC) Font Size edit The new font is much, much smaller than the old version.I ajusted the system font size on Windows 7 by mistake.I deleted the Liberation Sans font from Windows and now the pages look great.I simply cannot read the pages anymore.Edit Hi, I don't know why but the new text seems kind of broken, funny-looking chars and randomly "f" chars in Bold.Seriously, whoever inflicted this disaster on Wikipedia should be moved on to other duties, or perhaps just moved.Pino ( talk ) 15:02, (UTC) Corrected Font Size edit Wikipedia Main Page with Custom CSS.