Inuyasha episode 112 sub indo

inuyasha episode 112 sub indo

It flies through the air and then smashes into an island.
Bankotsu and Inuyasha are still fighting.Inuyasha's wicked cool perl scripts pdf voice disrupts their conversation as he asks about the sacred island.Inuyasha tries using the Wind t nothing happens.He begs the Holy One to help Inuyasha.They investigate Hijiri Island, and Inuyasha immediately notices the smell of the flowers on the island matches the scent left behind.Meanwhile, Sango is flying on Kirara around, mount Hakurei.Miroku wonders who is creating the sacred barrier, since the priest is missing.Shintar takes them to his home and tells them that Hijiri Island is an island at the center of the lake where ordinary men can't set foot.Kagome wonders where the Priest's remains are and who's creating the barrier.Now they know that Naraku was there.He puts his staff on it and he sees the Priest's Holy Dokko inside the mini-barrier.
Bankotsu emerges from the temple on the island and challenges Inuyasha once again.
All the flowers immediately begin to disappear.
Miroku says that something nearby must be generating the barrier, concluding that it must be coming from the temple.Inuyasha thinks it's Naraku.Inuyasha's, tessaiga begins to pulse and the Wind Scar forms around.Narakumust have taken them.He puts Shipp down and runs to the source.He goes on to say it's when a monk refuses food and enters Nirvana even though his physical body withers away.Kagome asks about Shintar's father and he tells her that he left two weeks ago when a weird light fell onto Hijiri Island.