Ios 7 ipad calendar month view

ios 7 ipad calendar month view

The start time, end time, and all-day event options are now all accessible at the top level of event creationas well as the Time Zone field, if youve enabled it in Settings Mail, Contacts, Calendarsand you can edit them all independently.
In addition to letting you edit and display or hide your existing calendars, the Calendars screen also lets you opt to show events to which youve declined invitations.On an iPhone running iOS 7, Calendar takes on a more hierarchical organization.In addition, when youre express invoice basic version adding a new contact, the date (for an anniversary related name (which allows you to add names for that contacts spouses, managers, and other colleagues social profiles, and instant message fields are now standard.To move to other days, tap the day you want to view at the top in the current weeks list, or swipe telecharger dictionnaire francais arabe gratuit pc left or right on the day view.Those events also show you more information on the main screen, including locations if youve added them.Under Display/brightness, verify that the slider for font size is in the center.
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The day view also presents a side-by-side look at the days events, plus a detailed view of the currently selected event.Along the bottom of Calendars main interface are three buttons that let you quickly jump to the current day in whatever view youre in, see a list of all your available calendars, and summon an inbox of any newly received event invitationsand in a first.A new URL field allows you to enter a link, and then tap it in the event details screen to open that webpage in Safari.Tap it to get list view: Seriously, not sure why punch home design studio complete review this is buried like this.Calendar doesnt try to cram events into either of those screens; such information is less than useful in such a confined space.To comment on this article and other Macworld content, visit our.Check out the Contact apps new icons and white interface in iOS.You can also scroll through weeks by swiping on the week section at the top.As time goes by, the major changes in Calendar come on the iPhone: Previously, when you launched the Calendar app there, it showed you a full calendar of the current month, with a list of events for the current days squeezed in below.The Contacts app, meanwhile, features the same colors and simplified redesign.