Khushboo parveen shakir pdf

khushboo parveen shakir pdf

Ans: 17 Mas-e-khaam ko jis ne kundan banaya Khara or khota alag kar dikhaya kis ka shair hai?
(A) Param ( B ) Cray I ( C ) Blue Gene (D) IBM Sequoia Ans: A A process used by large retailers to study trends (A) data selection ( B ) data mining ( C ) both (A) and ( B ) (D) None.
Ground nut has maximum protein Digestion of fat in intestine is aided by Emulsification Hair, finger nails, hoofs, etc are all make of protein Deficiency of sodium and potassium causes muscular cramps, headache and diahrae Milk contains 80 water Milk is a complete food.
(8) What are the different types of Fertilizers?(D) Computer is a machine that can store, retrieve and process quickly and accurately only qualitative information Ans: B Information and Communication Technology includes (A) On line learning ( B ) Learning through the use of edusat ( C ) Web Based Learning (D) All.Vitamin c is also known as Ascorbic Acid.Ans: Mukhtaar Masood Muslim University Ali Ghar kis san mein University bani?The Tragic Ans: C What is the study of poetrys meter and form called?(A) Modem is a software ( B ) Modem helps in stabilizing the voltage ( C ) Modem is the operating system (D) Modem converts the analog signal into digital signal and vice-versa Ans: D Which of the following is the appropriate definition.Ans: bang e dara Khakim Badhin kay debaachay ka unwaan hai?Ans: Hafeez Jhulandhari Urdu, Islamiat MCQs Educators Science and Arts Entry Test 2014-15 Black out kay takhleeq kar hain.
(A) Any Time Money ( B ) Automatic Tele Money ( C ) Automatic Teller Machine (D) Any Time Marketing Ans: C The term PC means?
Ans: Allama Iqbal Daar ul Musanifeen Azam Garh k baani wireless password key finderware ka naam batain?
Victory Ans: C Which of the following is not a literary device used for aesthetic effect in poetry?Ans: Khakay Meer Taqi Meer kay kitnay majmooay shaya huay?The Deluge epic.Glucose is the source of energy for human brain.3- William Blakes /Songs of -counterbalance his Songs of Experience.(A) Computer is a machine that can process information.(A) Microsoft ( B ) Alta Vista ( C ) Google (D) Search Bug Ans: A The presentation package and slides are usually presented by: (A) Power Point ( B ) Excel ( C ) MS Word (D) All the above Ans: A What.