Lat and long converter

lat and long converter

It is a bit rough, but please enjoy.
It can help you convert GPS latitude and longitude between decimal format and degree/minute/second (DMS) format, supports Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinate system.Standard UTM, zone: Hemisphere: NS Easting: Northing: nato UTM, long.Position, the position of the icon, in a number of formats: LatLon, UTM, UPS, mgrs, mgrs Polar, usng (identical to mgrs), Georef, and State Plane.Acceptable formats include: Dec Degs.959390,-95.265483 dddd dddd Dec Degs Micro.959390N95.265483W dddd dddd Dec Mins 3857.5634N09515.92890W mm mm Deg cd brenno reis e marco viola discografia Min Secs 3857'33.804"N, 9515'55.739"W dd mm ss.Used in place of Latitude and Longitude.Google Earth uses the WGS84 geodetic datum. .DD to DMS, lat/Long to UTM, uTM to Lat/Long.
It is a Freeware, no-adware, this software can do: Convert Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) to Decimal Degrees (DD Convert Decimal Degrees (DD) to Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS Convert Latitude Longitude (Lat/Long) to Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM; Convert Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) to Latitude Longitude (Lat/Long.
Valid formats include: W11614'28.86" 11614'28.86"W.86 -116.Note: no attempt is made to compensate for the irregular grid in the area around the southwestern coast of Norway and Svalbard (zones 32V and 31X, 33X, 35X and 37X).Decimal Degrees, latitude: Longitude: Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, latitude: Degrees: Minutes: Seconds: Hemisphere: N/S/.However, the order can be reversed if coordinates are explicitly labeled.Longitude: Degrees: Minutes: Seconds: Hemisphere: W/-E/.Share your story with Google, interesting project?