Linux mint vs ubuntu 15

linux mint vs ubuntu 15

Which one is better for older PCs and laptops?
As of nfs hot pursuit 2010 multiplayer crack January 2013, the keys n krates dreamyness latest version of Ubuntu was downloaded 81,063 from cnet, and Mint had been downloaded 2,075 times.
These changes are expected in 2016.
It is open source and community-driven, and believes in a system that needs very little maintenance.The look, feel, and usability of the OS itself depends on the desktop environment.So the software should not be a deciding factor when choosing between Linux Mint and Ubuntu, other than what software is installed by default.The idea works in most cases but in India, this could default to an extremely slow mirror from one of India's universities.This mostly depends on what desktop environment you use.Ubuntu is not launched as a program within Windows, however.Its one of the most popular desktop distros, other than Ubuntu.Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro.The duration of the support is relevant because you will only receive updates until the release is officially supported.
Plans for the Future, linux Mint has always been known for its user-friendly approach, and the developers strive to provide a traditional desktop experience thats suitable for beginners and average users alike.
Cinnamon is based on the gnome 3 desktop environment, and mate is based on gnome.There used to be Linux Mint gnome, file sharing mac and pc lxde and Fluxbox editions, but they are no longer actively developed.They are the two most popular desktop Linux distros.The most popular Linux distro with a large(r) community.Origins, the, debian distribution of Linux was released in 1993.Still, you might be wondering whats the difference between Ubuntu and Linux Mint?