Lost season 2 episode 5

lost season 2 episode 5

( Movies and TV ) Star Wars : Sawyer refers to Jin as " Chewie a character from the film franchise, because he cannot speak English.
It is with Jae Lee, the son of a family that owns twelve different hotels.
Michael chooses to go with Jin and Eko, rather than continue his wild goose chase for Walt.Plot Keywords: friends who live together, see All (1) genres: Adventure, drama.Trivia The episode titles ".And Found " and ".In Translation snow brothers game for windows 7 " are both the end of popular phrases beginning with the word "lost" (as in " lost and found" and " lost in translation.As they track Michael, Jin encounters a charging wild boar, and rolls down an escarpment.Jin-Soo Kwon daniel Dae Kim ) are featured in the episode's flashbacks.Eko introduces himself.( Movies and TV ) Peter Pan : When the Others walk by in procession a child follows dragging a teddy bear.
Jin and Eko set off after Michael while the remaining survivors head for the other side of the island.A woman named Libby tells Michael there were 23 survivors from their part of the plane.Kate glances at the sand and tells Sun to look down.Ana Lucia is pushed in after them and explains she was in the rear of Flight 815.They set off after Michael while the remaining survivors head for the camp.Across the Island Jin, Michael, and Sawyer are in one side of the bunker ; everyone else is one the other side.But they are delayed when Jin and the hulking.Jin comes to a stop near a dead body with a stake sticking out of his chest.Michael is stunned to realize the twenty-three original survivors have been reduced to five.