Lotus smartsuite millennium edition 9.8 windows 7

lotus smartsuite millennium edition 9.8 windows 7

Reviewer: newSocrates - - August 26, 2017.
My old apr files and apps seem to work fine.
IBM Lotus Organizer C50wdna.UK based, but in the top 100 chart january 2014 USA, I needed to open a 123 file on a new NUC.But I stopped using it when I discovered that, in Windows 7, some functionality was lost - like the fact that all the explanatory text was missing from popup windows (like notices of field input errors).(I know, you probably thought I was going to say the IBM has made all the fixes available now that support and development is officially discontinued for Lotus SmartSuite.At first glance, the page appears to be offering only the contents of the last Lotus SmartSuite retail disc release.And to my frustration, IBM was insisting that I pay several hundred dollars (if not a thousand or more) for the "IBM Passport Advantage" in order to get the final 6 Fix Packs for SmartSuite, most of which were for Approach - AND upon reading.I hope Microsoft does not do anything silly to its Windows OS to make this wonderful program not compatible, as i plan to use it to the end of my life.Please note, that it is'nt apparent that the final fix pack (6.1) is included, unless you click the 'show all' link.
Subject: Approach, the best end user database.
I found this outrageous, because I'd paid 2-3 times for upgrades over the years, and I just ended up with a program which wasn't providing the basic function it promised (though it typically appeared to provide this function).Exe, iBM Lotus SmartSuite.8 fixpak 6 CZ0G9IE.Org for making this - in my opinion great - software available.IBM has announced end dates for the IBM Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus SmartSuite and Lotus Organizer products as follows: End of Marketing - June 11, 2013.In accordance with the standard IBM Software Group release management process and our commitment to continuous improvement of our product line, IBM Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus SmartSuite and Lotus Organizer have been withdrawn from marketing effective.I had a very sophisticated custom database, with many forms, macros, repeating panels, and tables (including alias tables and such windows and messages were of great importance.The greatest problem for users of SmartSuite today, I think, beyond document sharing limitations, is the lack of support for OpenType and Unicode.