Mass effect 3 armor mods

mass effect 3 armor mods

Works on both Broshep and Femshep.
Includes separate torso and helmet versions of each armor individually.
The textures have been created (and used with permission) by: Ottemis - Alliance Shade/Spirit/Nightmare.Nothing is hotter than dress whites, am I right ladieeez?New Logos on Vegas Shirt, a fun way to game code lyoko quest for infinity wii spice up Vegas look.Alliance armor DLC - Updated.0, a personal game dat boom offline mien phi cho pc DLC now released on nexus by popular request and thanks to the texture creators: Ottemis and Tarkov33/Chashan, dLC Cerberus armors renamed and retextured in high-res into their Alliance counterparts.Full body armors only.Standard version - if you don't have EGM or only an earlier version - Find the Armors in Kassa Fabrications.Ashleys hair for Shep.None of the armors has custom helmets, so if you dont use the breather mask, the helmet wont match. To fix go back to a save before you purchased them.Thanks to, shadohz for pointing out the reason the game would crash upon equipping a squadmate with the Collector SMG.
EGM version - if you have, eGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod.0 or higher - Find the Armors in Alliance Requisitions. Looks amazing if youre building a platinum blonde Shep.Leather Jacket for Shepard, the perfect off-duty jacket.Femshep Mods: Sims Hair for FemShep, this is my personal hair mod of choice for my Femshep that says Im girly and playful but Ill still kill you.Uninstallation: Just delete the DLC_CON_mapmod_AAP directory, previous Version Notes:.1, fix for a bug that prevented the bonuses itil version 3 books being displayed in the entire armor locker (Thanks to RegisHaster).