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Pontypool is a fairly entertaining movie about a radio station in Ontario, Canada as they get reports about the locals going mad and killing people.
Have this pain in the ass model who seems to live to piss me off.
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I'll probably have some actual new entries this weekend, but for now I can at least provide a video link (above) to the Heavy Metal scene (the whipping occurs around 7:10.Like I said, I don't think about crucifixion much, but.Oh crap I think I might have the Scientologist outside my house.Monday, March 8th :35:02 PM Name: Badger Homepage URL: g As I watched the Oscars, I recalled all of the legitimate vitriol aimed at Jessica Alba for her off-putting gimp teases.Ralphus - yes, I love that ropework around the neck (from m).I did a google search looking for software that can automate the process of comparing the images.Get 'em while you canQ Sunday, March 28th :48:24 AM Name: LTanadian wrote: I don't know if I'm sold on the idea of a Katie substitute being allowed as a choice, but I'll let.There were often people hanging around as we were shooting, and Brandi was on set as we were shooting the final scenes for Bitter Sweet Persuasion the night before.