Mount and blade with fire and sword german patch

mount and blade with fire and sword german patch

If you choose to become king, then The Deluge in the quest menu is completed and The Final Border quest replaces.
Merchant guilds offer loans and interest on deposits, along with bounties should you fail to pay back your debts.
"In the long grass man hunted man, like wolves or antelopes.Mount and Blade: With Fire connectix virtual game station for xp and Sword Ru/Multi (1.143) (L)rrent.The player also becomes the Polish Republic 's permanent marshall (even if they hold an election for it).Troop recruitment also has a number of changes from the original games.When you have become a rebel for a faction it is a good idea to find the claimant for that faction and proceed to persuade the lords of the original faction to join yours instead.You must come back to the same commander four days later to pick up your troops by clicking "I want to recruit some men." Heroes Edit As with the first Mount Blade games, there are numerous Heroes that you can employ in your party.Founding Your Own Kingdom Edit There are several ways to start a kingdom for yourself and they are similar to the ones in Mount Blade: Warband, although you will not be able to name your own kingdom.
The outlaw sought refuge in the wild steppes, the shepherd completely armed, guarded his flocks, the knight- errant sought adventures, robbers sought plunder, the Cossack sought the Tartar, and the Tartar sought the Cossack." - from the novel, with Fire and Sword.
Unlike in the original Mount Blade and Warband, when a vassal of, say, Swadia could feature an army of high-level Nord or Rhodok troops, the best troops for each faction in With Fire Sword only become available once you have allied with that faction and.
Capturing of castles has become more difficult to achieve by force, so the game offers new siege options, such as bribing a guard, poisoning the water supply, or blowing a hole in the wall to provide an advantage based on the player's tactics skill.Crimean Khanate Edit A kingdom caught between shifting alliances, the Khanate has been shielded from both the Tsardom of Moscow and the Polish Republic, but soon may find itself vulnerable and desperate.You will have major attacks on your kingdom, which may be what makes the game fun.The Cossacks fight against Poland for their freedom.The end look me in the eye book point of the both quests gives the player the task to conquer Eastern Europe as the final quest.Publisher(s paradox Interactive 1C Company, platform(s pC, release Date(s nA May 4, 2011.Their stats are always lower than similar faction troops but their equipment can be customized.Another new option is the choice to build a ' wagon fort ' fort from the camp menu.With few armored units to speak of, the Hetmanate relies on an army of accurate musketeers, light insurgents and light Djura cavalry.