Ms word 2007 shortcut keys doc

ms word 2007 shortcut keys doc

Press Down Arrow to select an object type, and forte mt std font then press Enter to create an object.
AltShift Go to "Tell me what you want to do" and Smart Lookup (in Word 2016).Character and paragraph formatting Change or resize the font.AltShiftK Merge a document.F4 Repeat the last action.Character and paragraph formatting Align paragraphs CtrlE Switch a paragraph between centered and left-aligned.CtrlI Format letters as small capitals.Use the arrow keys to move to the column's top or bottom cell, and then do wireless password key finderware one of liar cheater deciever heartbreaker the following: Press ShiftAltPage Down to select the column from top to bottom.Alt Turn Korean Input Method Editor (IME) on 101 keyboard on or off.
CtrlZ Undo the last action.
CtrlF2 Cut to the Spike.Page Up or Page Down Move to the first preview page when zoomed out.From the first cell in the row, press ShiftAltEnd to select the row from left to right.F9 Update the selected fields.F7 Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).CtrlShiftF8, and then press an arrow key Unlink a field.Function key reference, frequently used shortcuts, this table shows the most frequently used shortcuts in Microsoft Word.