New english file elementary test booklet audio

new english file elementary test booklet audio

Writing10 marks, task completion The task is fully completed and the answer easy to understand.
1 he a student?Minor errors do not obscure the meaning.King's School 1What is Carmens surname?_ 2Where our origins 2nd edition pdf is her school?_ 3Wheres her mother from?_ 4Who is her teacher?_ 5Wheres the director from?_ 6What nationality is Karl?_ 7Which country is José from?_ WR ITI NG Answer the questions with complete sentences.Example: Open your books.Example: Open a / the door.A they By ou Cw e 4Are Helen and Mike from Australia?' No, _ arent.BYour parents are they Polish?9Is your TV from Germany?I live at 3 Marston Street.2T heyre watchs / watches.
AT rue B False C Doesnt say 3Her father is Spanish.
1the United States naluca si naucul pdf New English FileElementaryphotocopiable Oxford University Press 20046 20Grammar total lucent gk pdf in hindi 6Complete the phrases with the right words.
The skills tests include KET-type exercises which reflect the format of the KET exam.5 marks Pronunciation The students intonation, stress, and articulation of sounds make the message clear and comprehensible.1The students are from different countrys/countries.The highly popular Teacher's Site has extra lesson ideas and resources for you to download, and there is completely new Online Skills Practice material for students.8AAm I in Room 7?Pronouns Tick the correct answer A, B,.5G to.Listening and Speaking, total score, if you only do Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation, double your students mark to give a total score out of 100,.g.