Oblivion mods ren's beauty pack

oblivion mods ren's beauty pack

For Nehrim, I advise you to delete Ren's hairs and eyes(not extra eyes!) from library before working. .
You can change the hair's colour in game, but cannot change the length.Many eyes/hairs will remain 'private not included in distributed package) because: 1) I don't bother to get permission for being lazy. .This may not work with any default race changing rs aggarwal logical reasoning pdf 2012 mods(mostly). .If you have character made with this mod, I recommend you to use 'fix hair/eye' function from Wrye Bash to avoid crash.If it does not work, you can edit the plugin manually to make it work with any body replacer. .I had already downloaded 2015 pack, but forgot to replace beta version with.Cats will have whiskers.Don't expect me to upload complete archive. .and it seems having glow map is a 'must I'm not sure). .
Fixed head meshes(lips).Another compatibility breaker(You should copy only hair resources. .Do not close the race window after changing your race, just save the present condition then reload the saved game.T ID: -Ren- (m/forums).Base Attributes: Str Male 40(tattooed: 45 Female 35(tattooed: 40) Int Male 45(40 Female 45(40) Wil Male 40(30 Female 45(30) Agi Male 40(40 Female 40(40) Spd Male 40(50 Female 40(50) End Male 40(40 Female 35(35) Luc Male 40(45 Female 45(50) Per Male 35(30 Female 35(35).And 19 female hairstyles 9 male hairstyles for all races.