Pa safety inspection form

pa safety inspection form

(ii) The horn or other warning device safely remove hardware and eject media windows 7 is not audible under normal conditions for distances of not less than 200 feet.
(viii) Spring shackle kits or blocks are used to lower the suspension of the front of the vehicle.
(xix) An axle has missing tires or rims.
Stahl, 460.2d 1223 (Pa.(iii) The energy-absorbing column is defective.(xiii) Part of the wheel is bent, cracked, welded or damaged so as to affect safe operation of vehicle.A mechanics actions in driving vehicles without a valid drivers license during an inspection is within the scope of his employment because subsection (e) of this section requires a road test to be performed with every inspection.Any vehicle that has been raised in altitude as described in WV Code 17C-15-48, must undergo a modified vehicle inspection.Important - Any change in ownership or in location of an official inspection station cancels the appointment of that station and the West Virginia State Police, Traffic Records Section and the area supervisor must be notified in writing.4640; amended November 13, 1998, effective May 13, 1999,.Such rejections will be recorded on the MVI-5 (log sheet) or MVI-5A.(iii) A fuel tank or line was not specifically designed or manufactured as fuel tank or line.(ii) The power brake lines or hydraulic hoses or lines leak or are disconnected, flattened or restricted.The inspector mechanic will also verify current insurance coverage.
All official inspection stations shall be able to perform inspections twelve months of the year.
Code 175.208 (relating to body).Each inspection shall be a complete inspection and shall include a check of all the items in these rules and regulations; except a re-inspection of a rejected vehicle by the same station within five (5) days of rejection need include only a check of the.If these items are found to be proper, the appropriate information will be entered onto Form DPS-MVI-5 or DPS-MVI-5A (Approved Automobile Log Sheet or Approved Motorcycle/Trailer Log Sheet).(xi) The auxiliary driving lamps operate with the low beam of standard headlamp system or alone.(4) There is a malfunction of the braking or steering mechanism, particular shimmy, wander, pull or another questionable operating behavior that affects safe operation of the vehicle.Tests are proctored by our certified Safety Inspector Instructors.(iv) Body mounts do not hold as required.