Pc build june 2013

pc build june 2013

If you couldn't care less about overclocking (and not everyone needs to do it - besides, the immediate gaming performance gain is pretty insubstantial then this is an excellent processor for your needs.
We've got a "cheap bastard's" build coming out shortly, for those on an ultra budget, and then a normal budget build for the in-betweeners.Click to enlarge, click to enlarge, click to enlarge, click to enlarge, click to enlarge, the Dark Shining Star by Sassanou.That's without even mentioning ShadowPlay (also in the linked text which is similarly promising.The cards are fairly "tied" all said and done, so really, a lot of the decision comes down to the bundled options, frame latency, and driver optimization.You can read our full Haswell analysis over here, which answers the "is Haswell worth it?" question.With our high-end Haswell PC build now officially published and getting assembled by builders everywhere, we figured it was about time to post something more budget-friendly.
The winner of April's, mod of the Month contest has game angry bird landscape 400x240 recently put the finishing touches to his beautiful Cooler Master Cosmos II water-cooled mod.
Adding an aftermarket cooler will allow proper overclocking and keep temperatures low, which helps prolong the life of the silicon overall.
Any Kepler card will feature this functionality.It's nothing special, but then again, there's not much special about disc spinning.The case itself is a mid-tower, making it a little more difficult to work with than its full tower counterparts, but significantly more affordable, portable, and appropriate for the internals.Grid 2 is a fine example of this: Self-shadowing smoke (adding depth and volume to the tire smoke) is only available to owners of Haswell systems, whether or not you're using the IGP or a discrete card.Motherboard, the new Z87-equipped motherboards are finally shipping alongside their LGA1150 socket-inhabiting counterparts.That said, nVidia has some of the best driver support on the market right now - especially with GFE and day-one drivers moving to the forefront of their strategy.Being that this system isn't geared toward overclocking, we've stocked it with an i5-4430 CPU - one of Intel's more mainstream Haswell SKUs - so it's equipped for gaming, but not over-equipped.100 of donations to Charity:water go directly to the field.