Personal oracle 8 for windows nt

personal oracle 8 for windows nt

Oracle 8 for Windows NT (new name for Oracle Workgroup Server).
You can use either initsmpl.
Novell internet manager 2012 portable Netware Version.12 and.1.ORA used by the starter database is located.Calculating Database Limits Use the size guidelines in the following table to calculate Oracle8i database limits using the equations given in the Oracle8i Administrator's Guide).In these cases, Windows NT uses either the default value set in the Oracle8 i kernel or does not use the parameter.ORA file or the Oracle8 i kernel, displays on-screen.The annotated, sample initialization parameter file contains alternative values for the initialization parameters.Microsoft Windows NT Workstation Version.51 and.0.Every database instance has a corresponding initialization parameter file and oracle_SID registry parameter that points to the system identifier (SID) for the instance.Personal Oracle for Windows.For brevity sake, we will follow this convention throughout the document: all references to "x" (as.x.x, for example) should be replaced with the Oracle version you are using ( 1 for.1, 2 for.2, etc.).
Database Initialization Parameters Check the following initialization parameters when creating a new database.Oracle 8 references will all relate to version.0.5.This document cannot be modified without prior consent from Pujol Computer Consulting Inc.ORA is located in the.Microsoft Windows for Workgroups Version.11.If you installed a starter database, the initialization parameter file init.