Slide design for powerpoint presentation 2003

slide design for powerpoint presentation 2003

The remaining window can be maximized by clicking on the Maximize button.
Can easily create attention-getting watermarks by using the tools available in that PowerPoint Drawing Toolbar.
To choose your color, either select one of the color squares of colors that have been previously used in your presentation, or click on More Colors.
Your new presentation is now drama korea big episode 7 ready to begin adding slides.Each event item in the list represents an animation and is labeled with part of the text from the slide.ul li Serif and Sans Serif Fonts a font gives text a specific style.ul li Cut, Copy, and Paste Text in PowerPoint Cut, Copy, and Past Text in PowerPoint tutorial will show you how to use the PowerPoint Cut, Copy, and Paste text functions to edit text in your PowerPoint presentation.PowerPoint will place a rectangle on the screen with the default treatment for fill color and border line.New PowerPoint Presentation Create New Presentation tutorial will review the many ways in which a PowerPoint presentation can be created.The page number is applied to all pages in the format specified in the Slide Master.You can format bulleted lists by using different styles of bullets.You can select colors from a Standard palette or create custom colors.The Header and Footer dialog box closes.Focus in your presentation content.
li /ul To change the Weight of a Line On the Drawing toolbars, click Line Weight.A PowerPoint Slide Number to Your Slides.To move a toolbar, click the four dots that are found on the left end of each toolbar.See the PowerPoint Slide Types tutorial for more information.Making you selections on the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, click OK to apply your changes to the bulleted list.Instead, do you viewers a favor by placing your most important points in bulleted lists.Numbers that show its position of the guide appear showing the new intersection of the two guides.Clicking on each will display your slides in a different way.ul li Note that when you choose to view a toolbar, it appears in the position in which it was most recently used.