Streets of rage remake v5

streets of rage remake v5

Fixed wrong energy life for Cody or Trucker on main game (hard or above).
Fixed a few glitches on safe jump from a pit when left or right direction was held.
Sormaker : Music for Player Select (64.ogg Stage Clear (65.ogg Gameover (66.ogg) can be added in Sormaker mods.Gamepads : Now buttons from 0 to 25 can be detected, so some pads will work now.Sormaker tweak : Trigger cars event now will not wait for enemies on screen to be 0 to be released.Way of the Warrior - Featured sormaker Mod.Enemies will attempt to eat food only if they have life bars over 72HP.Each mod has 1 slot, can be loaded from Sormaker list (New / Load).The same score system algorythm that is used in SOR2.
Added cutscenes as endings for Sormaker.Bug-fix : Character can lose the position of a platform on the top of the train (wind floor issue).Game-breaker fix: Camera freeze using Sor3 type tom and jerry episodes dvd camera combined with certain characters (Blaze Shiva) in Yamato temple, construction site or stages with auto-camera movement.survival won't record any records, also incompatible with search food 162.During a police call enemies now walk instead of standing (only if they have the animation).Some chars can do specials with Kunais and metal bars now.Sormaker Tweak : now enemies can drop food or items when set to manual on elevator scenes (be careful, only 10 items max.Tweak : Enemies on Bike and Jetski stages will not have their lifebars increased depending on difficulty, they will remain the same.Tweak on Stage 8 Scene 13, now explosions won't hurt you when you beat.