Super metroid phazon hack.smc

super metroid phazon hack.smc

Games: M1 M2 SM MF MZM MP1 MP2 MP3.
Bug Fixes added May 17th 2010.".
All the beam without charged do half of damage.
Nach : Hacks aren't acceptable for vault.Now you have fulfilled the conditions, just Draygon and Ridley left!Bosses details: Spore Spawn: HP 648, can only be harmed by Charge Beam, and it takes 3 charges to kill.Before kill Phantoom, go to phazon mine to acquire Red Phazon (you can't acquire it after Phantoom's death!) Now you can reach to Morphing Ball, then go back to powerplant for the 1st Phazon Missile!Uncheck All, search: Page Size.This hack has new rooms, items, enemies, and new graphics.VPyBv2bqyP5c, suggested screenshot: Special thanks: Red-M0nk3y: for creating this hack, super Metroid's team: for releasing subtitle indonesia playful kiss episode 1-16 the Super Metroid Tricks page.Those enemies HP 360 which mean I have to kill each mouse and cat game of them with 4 Super Missiles.
Alb says: Need to rework the map, areas you already visited tend to disappear like you never been there.Author: Red_M0nk3y, submitted by: redm0nk3y, name, description, filesize, patch file.3 (28 December 2011) 942.50.Besides, its room has a very high floor, so it's waste time everytime Ridley dive under ground!Uncheck All, genres?: Unknown Boss Rush Exploration Challenge Spoof Speedrun/Race Incomplete Quick Play Improvement Vanilla.Emulator used: Snes9X.43v13 (lua.05) for Windows.