Survival games 2 map 1.7.2

survival games 2 map 1.7.2

(1263 votes this is an episodic survival map series with a little registry cleaner source code story.
Open drag the contents inside the zip file you donwloaded into.minecraft saves folder.(1621 votes after The Legion's defeat, The Conquerors are getting power hungry.The Survival Games 2 Map Screenshots: Download link for The Survival Games 2 Map: p?actdl.Around the map, you will also find Structures with loot to help you out with your journey!You are a crew member of a freighter spacecraft, The Albatross, but something went wrong.(2179 votes this custom map is an evolution of SkyBlock with a lot of other things added.
(496 votes survive waves of monsters and complete challenging objectives with the help of three iron golems.I have created a completely new Minecraft survival map!Youtube Kanalmza Abone Olmak için Alltaki Simgesine Tklayp Abone Olunuz Teekkürler.(489 votes remember the regular Sky Den map?Youtube Abone Olmak için Tklaynz Buraya.This map focuses on lack of sight and memorization; radiating a feeling of helplessness.Map types: PvP, about The Survival Games 2 Map, the Survival Games 2 Map is based upon the movie The Hunger Games.You can not break any blocks, expect for leaves, vines and mushrooms.