Text to html converter c#

text to html converter c#

In addition, I had to deal with the fact that the replacement text in the _tags dictionary included a lot of newlines.
Click Here to view a sample consumer in action!Once you create a String object you cannot change its contents.So every 2 white spaces should be citrix metaframe client for windows 7 substituted by a single white space and nbsp;.But there are exceptions.Write(temp" br ; /Return the final processed text return String / script / head body center h3 Wecome to Saurabh's Text to html Parser / h3 br form runat server ID "Form2" table border 1 tr td valign top Your message / td td asp:label.Protected void EatWhitespace while (WhiteSpace(Peek MoveAhead / Moves the current position to the next non-whitespace / character or the start of the next line, whichever / comes first protected void EatWhitespaceToNextLine while (WhiteSpace(Peek char c Peek MoveAhead if (c 'n break; / Moves the current.AppendLine(line else / A non-empty line _emptyLines 0; _text.
The HtmlToText Class, listing 1 shows my HtmlToText class.
' if (Peek Peek Ea"dValue else if (Peek selfClosing true; MoveAhead MoveAhead return tag; / Consumes inner content from the current tag protected void EatInnerContent(string tag) string endTag tag; while (!EndOfText) if (Peek ' / Consume a tag bool selfClosing; if (ParseTag(out selfClosing) endTag) return;.But, if it encounters one, it goes ahead and discards any data that came before.If you want to use this code from a desktop application, you'll need to go into your project's properties and set the target framework to ".NET Framework 4" instead of ".NET Framework 4 Client add a reference to System.For the most part, this conversion is pretty simple.Length; if (len 0!WhiteSpace currLinelen - 1) _currLine.Also in some applications like Forums users can post html content directly which can lead to some serious problems.And some text on a new line.For example, the inner text from a script tag should not be part of the resulting plain text.