Tomcat 6 for ubuntu

tomcat 6 for ubuntu

It is a web server and a servlet container for Java web applications.
Sudo apt-get install default-jdk, once you have Tomcat and Java installed on the virtual private server, all that remains is to start them.Homecatalina_home secatalina_base assLoaderLogManager operties otstrap jsvc has other useful parameters, such as -user which causes it to switch to another user after the daemon initialization is complete.Before we can use it, however, we do need to have Java installed on the VPS as well.Tar.gz./configure make cp jsvc./.You can visually verify that Tomcat is working by accessing your server page at your_IP_address :8080.If you currently como funciona password spectator 3.10 do not have java, you can download it quite easily with apt-get.In particular, the -debug option is useful to debug issues running jsvc.We hope you find this tutorial helpful.
Cd catalina_home/bin tar xvfz commons-daemon-native.Learn more, windows server 2003 enterprise edition sp2 64 bit postedJuly 26, 2012 392.9k views, apache.We installed the entire Apache Tomcat server on our virtual server in the previous step.Tomcat can then be run as a daemon using the following commands.This allows, for example, running Tomcat as a non privileged user while still being able to use privileged ports.