Transfer files from windows 98 to xp

transfer files from windows 98 to xp

Nomad, 09:22 AM, yep, if you take the HDD out and pop in other and copy that would be much faster.
Ie., the winxp windows is using it's own hdd.
You can backup files, but not the vampire diaries season 1 episode 2 programs, they need to be reinstalled.Is it possible to copy/transfer entire Windows 98 hard drive to another medium for my Windows XP computer to access?Forum Rules, contact Forum Editor, report a Post, the black keys discografia blogspot i'm trying to transfer files from my old 98 computer to my new XP computer using Direct Cable Connection with a parallel cable.This thread is now locked and can not be replied.You can use USB as well, and probably serial or parallel cale too but slower.Also, if the cable is not connected when the DCC is launched on XP, it still displays "Verifying username and password.".If you need anymore info, please ask.
Other: Yes, network cable, sometimes it might not work and need a router in my experience.
You can use DVD writers, memory cards with USB readers, flash drives, floppy disk etc.
Does anyone know of an alternate way?In my experience copying a win98 to a winxp is easier.Does anyone know exactly what I should do?This is designed specifically to do what you are attempting.Last night I copied something network took, well it said 70 mins, by reattaching it via the motherboard it was 15mins.