Transformers prime episodes in hindi

transformers prime episodes in hindi

After accidentally witnessing a Decepticon-Autobot showdown, three young kids, Jack, Miko and Rafael, become the Autobots' trusted allies, and together they embark on various adventures., transformers: Prime Season 1 Episodes, episode 01 Darkness Rising, Part 1 n Jasper, Nevada, three young humans Jack Darby, Miko.
However, the mixture of the two Energons turns Silas into a mindless zombie craving fresh Energon, and he wanders the ship infecting any crew member he encounters by draining their Energon.
Episode 02 Darkness Rising, Part 2, the Decepticon leader Megatron returns from a three-year exile with a plan to exploit the properties of a mysterious substance called Dark Energon.Episode 8-Thirst, knock Out is researching Ratchet's Synthetic Energon formula, and is using Silas (who is still implanted within Breakdown's corpse) as a test subject.Episode 10-Minus One, having discovered that the combination of Predacon CNA and Synthetic Energon creates raw cyber-matter (the substance Cybertron is made of the Decepticons plan to repair the Omega Lock, restore Cybertron and cyberform Earth through this process.Rafael and Wheeljack build a flying drone and attach Laserbeak's transponder (which Smokescreen shot off) to it, in the hope that Laserbeak's navigation systems will lead the Autobots to Ratchet so they can rescue him.Episode 2-Scattered, as the Autobots try to re-group, Shockwave arrives in Darkmount after years of isolation on Cybertron, and is welcomed back into the Decepticon ranks.Episode 9-, evolution, the Predacon army is almost fully grown and ready for deployment, but Predaking suddenly surprises everyone by revealing he is able to transform and is more intelligent than first thought.Episode 12-, synthesis, nEW, ratchet reluctantly agrees to help the Decepticons perfect the synthetic energon formula.The formula makes Silas extremely aggressive, so Starscream suggests injecting him with Dark Energon to make him easier to control.Full Season Uploading 1st On Net.Episode 07 Scrapheap.
Episode 08 Con Job, the Autobots receive a message from Wheeljack, an old friend of Bulkheads m-audio pro sessions vol.17 adrenalinn guitars from the days of the war, who is visiting Earth while journeying across the galaxy.Smokescreen finds Optimus Prime, still alive but badly damaged and close to death, in the wreckage of the Autobot base.Optimus Prime and Ratchet head out to investigate Megatrons activities while Arcee and Bumblebee go on patrol.The Decepticons, having found fossilized Predacon bones on Earth, launch a scheme to clone an army of Predacons through the same method that created Predaking.Episode 1-Darkmount, NV, with their base destroyed, the Autobots and their human companions have separated and gone into hiding, while the Decepticons settle into their new fortress, Darkmount, and repel a military assault.