Uml tools for eclipse

uml tools for eclipse

Flexible Process customization and Integrations.
Edu Categories crack crysis 32 bit Ontology Editor Users Interfaces gui rdfDB rdfDB is intended to be a simple, scalable, open-source database for RDF Site m/rdfdb/ Categories RDF Storage Users Interfaces socket c_api Open Agent Architecture (OAA) A framework for integrating a community of heterogeneous software agents.
Name, creator, platform / OS, first public release, latest stable Categories xslt Users Interfaces command Cocoon XML/XSL-based Web publishing framework, from Apache Site http xml.Site Categories daml Browser Users Interfaces www OntoDoc Generates web pages describing daml ontologies.Org Categories Agent Infrastructure Users Interfaces java_api Lucene high-performance, full-featured text search engine written entirely in Java Site Categories Search Engine Users Interfaces java_api Trellis an interactive environment that allows users to add their observations, viewpoints, and conclusions as they analyze information by making semantic.Site m/igloo/ Categories Users Interfaces OpenCyc a large upper ontology and supporting tools Site http www.Site ml Categories Import Users Interfaces command dtd2xs XML DTD to XML Schema translator Site /dtd2xs/ Categories Users Interfaces command damloil Ontology Checker Web interface to check damloil ontologies and content using Jena Site /oil/checker Categories Ontology Analyzer Users Interfaces www daml UML Enhanced Categories Inference Engine Users Interfaces owlengine source code and instructions to load OWL ontologies and annotations into a jess knowledge base Site ml Categories Inference Engine Users Interfaces TreeHugger an attempt to use XPath and xslt on RDF graphs, by making the RDF graph.Site m Categories Graph Visualization Users Interfaces Rational Rose.Org/mr3/ Categories RDF Editor Users Interfaces gui ezOWL a diagram-based ontology editor for OWL implemented as a Protege plugin Site /ezowl/ Categories Ontology Editor Users Interfaces gui rdfx: A Resource Description Framework Explorer an Eclipse plugin for browsing information within the Universal Information Service Browser.
Org Categories Interactive Development Environment Users Interfaces gui Jikes open source Java compiler Site m/developerworks/oss/jikes/ Categories Compiler Users Interfaces Chaeron Global Positioning System (GPS) Library Java interface to GPS units, including a GUI and the ability to save results in an XML format Site ml#JavaLibrary.The mappings can be used by a D2R processor to export data from a relational database into RDF.XML, daml and, oWL formats or using, spectacle.Org Categories Users Interfaces java_api java2owl converts Java classes and instances to OWL Site Categories Users Interfaces java_api idl2owl generate an OWL ontology from corba Interface Definition Language (IDL) Site Categories Users Interfaces java_api Aerodaml Automatically generates basic daml annotation/markup from text and Categories Import Users Interfaces java_api www RDF Web Scraper Scrapes daml from html web pages (wrapper creator) Site ml Categories Import Users Interfaces java_api www OWL Converter Perl script to convert damloil ontologies to OWL.LucidChart Unknown hawx 2 game launcher Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Google Drive, Google Apps, jira, Confluence, Jive, and Box.The APIs are compatible, and the Community edition is free.You can further break down epics into a set of related user stories.