Unix shell programming book

unix shell programming book

Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition by Stephen Kochan Patrick Wood. .
Explanation of various features of the shells in is decent, but order of chapters is somewhat strange and most examples are weak and artificial.Exercises are not tricky and test your plain knowledge of what you covered.After a quick review of the basics of unix, the authors give a purely descriptive explanation of the unix shell in chapter.Beebe Jan 29, 2004 Linux Shell Scripting with Bash by Ken O Burtch Feb 27, 2003 Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition by Stephen Kochan, Patrick Wood Jan 31, 2003 Books Mastering unix Shell Scripting by Randal.With this chapter, Chapter 8 and the man pages for sed and awk, a reader will be in a position to infuse his shell scripts with considerable power.Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit exclusivly for research and educational purposes. .This is the only suggestion I have to improve an little registry cleaner source code already useful book.Very weak artificial examples.The author pays attention to important but rarely understood details of bash language (and it is a complex non-orthogonal scripting language, along with being command interpreter).Jun 23, 2017 Practical Guide to Linux Commands by Mark.Solaris.5/2.6 uses the older ksh88 version).
These properties should be normal for books, but computer books seem often an exception.Bash and ksh93 are burdened by legacy of 30 years development and mistakes made of early stages of development of such shells as Bourne shell (with its numerous warts and complete absence of the lexical level of the language).Noting that arithmetic operations are done on values stored in variables in the shell, the authors show to proceed with these operations using the expr program.There are a lot of examples but most of them are low level "oversimplified blackboard examples".One important advantage of bash that is has a downloadable debugger which is a nice thing and an improvement maya 5.1 usb soundkarte in the right direction.The ub file can be copied to a new filename.This book does not cover regular expressions in detail even though regular expression is the heart to learning shell scripting.